After hearing the name New Balance, most people think of comfortable and high-quality casual shoes, that fills the city’s streets and parks. That's not the end of New Balance archievements. Did you know that NB also has a solid foundation in skateboard culture?

Numeric is a New Balance series dedicated to skateboarders and anyone involved in this colorful street culture. The series combines the features of New Balance, which have already become a unique heritage, such as comfort, high quality of materials, advanced technologies and transfers them to the section of skateboard culture. Sneakers of Numeric series  also became a frequent accent of leisure style.

The story of New Balance Numeric began in 2013 and the series shook the market very quickly. NB has started work with the goal to leverage all the masterful knowledge accumulated over more than a hundred years and create the best possible shoes for skateboarders. Famous skateboarders from all over the world perform complex tricks with New Balance Numeric shoes - the series is represented by such athletes as Jamie Foy, Arto Saari, Tiago Lemos, PJ Ladd, Brandon Westgate, Jordan Trahan, Jordan Taylor, Levi Brown. New Balance Numeric shoes are valued for their high quality, durability, strong grip and created comfort - all these features are especially important for skateboarders.

At the same time, New Balance Numeric silhouettes became popular between fans of leisure style. In this series, New Balance did not deviate from the minimalistic style. Elegant and simple New Balance Numeric sneakers are a stylish choice for a casual style. The shoes will be easily combined with various styles of clothing and you will also enjoy the highest quality of materials and maximum comfort construction. Enjoy every day - whether you are riding a skateboard or going for a walk in the city!


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